A video where you can hear the sound of my paintings

When I was a child, my mother wanted me to be a pianist, but I hated the piano. I wanted to be drawing all the time. Years later, my professor of art philosophy Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero showed me how I could create a universe where my painting would have its own sound.

Watch this short video, and enjoy my art.

Thank you for coming to see my art.

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Come to my workshop

Come to my workshop

Donde encuentro mi Paz? by Abisay Puentes

I do different types of artistic works. In this section, I will share about the Parable that I tell in my work. This Parable tells about my personal experiences. You can enjoy my Parable, which I have titled: Bumas (Mist); Painting, music, and video are my forms of expression. Click on the image above, and you will enjoy real art.

Come to my workshop

Come to my workshop

Come to my workshop

Eva No.1 by Abisay Puentes.

For me, it is a great pleasure when people come interested in my art. You are welcome to my study. Make an appointment, and you can spend some time with me. We will talk about art, have coffee or tea, and I promise you will have a moment full of creativity and high enjoyment.



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