The parable

¿Donde encuentro mi Paz? Acrylic/Canvas, 39 x 51 in. By Abisay Puentes.


Man is genuinely overwhelmed by the evil around him. He has a question in his heart: Why is there so much evil in this world?  

La Respuesta, Acrylic/Canvas, 49 x 37, by Abisay Puentes.

 On the road, he meets Adam and Eve. The man tells them his inquiry. Them they were willing to answer Man´s question. And it was given to man, but as a pantomime act, just music was the sound filling the air. 

Liturgia Impenitente No.1, Acrylic/Canvas, 30 x 40 in. by Abisay Puentes

Adam and Eve's performance was masterful. The story told in the mime, consisted of the design and assembly of a machine. The machine would serve to process the fruit and extract the essence of it, and thus they would give the man a taste of the fruit.

Mecanikalgia No.1, Acrylic/Canvas, 36 x 36 in. by Abisay Puentes

 The man used the fruit, using the machinery, and at that moment, he forgot his agony. His doubts evanesced, and he forgot his question. Since then, the man only saw Brumas (Mist).

Abisay´s series


Paintings by Abisay Puentes.

Capture the public's point of view. I made this group of works with a style that recalls the painting of the Baroque period. I made al these paintings with Acrylic on Canvas.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media, artworks made by Abisay Puentes

This group of paintings captures the spiritual state of the main character of my story. Here I show his deep sorrow and pain that Man lives in his soul. Artworks made with charcoal and acrylic on canvas. Siracusa inspired me.


BRUMAS Series by Abisay Puentes

Brumas  (Mist)  is a series of paintings where I show the way in which Man loses the perception of reality, after taking the fruit juice.


Watercolors made by Abisay Puentes

This group of watercolors is a variation of the Brumas series.

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