In the warm and vibrant streets of Cuba, in a home where humility wove the stories of each day, I was born—a dreamer whose hands yearned to paint the world with the colors of his soul. From a young age, my life was marked by art and music, two passions that, although they seemed to take different paths, were destined to intertwine in my fate.
My youth in Cuba was marked by adversity and challenge. At 16, my rebellious spirit and my quest for expression led me to a pivotal moment: I was expelled from art school for wearing a T-shirt with a religious message. That day, sitting on the curb outside the school, the tears rolling down my cheeks were not just of sadness but also of determination. I promised myself that I would never allow the chains of a regime to stifle my creative spirit.
Far from classrooms and dogmas, I embarked on a self-taught journey, exploring museums, absorbing the wisdom of seasoned artists, and immersing myself in the vast ocean of art. It was on this personal pilgrimage that I met my mentor, a philosopher of art who taught me the theory 'from verse to canvas.' Under his tutelage, I discovered how each brushstroke could dance to the rhythm of a melody, how each color could resonate with the note of a hidden music. My art was not just visual; it was a symphony of experiences, emotions, and narratives.
In 1998, defying censorship and oppression, I presented my series 'The Apocalypse of Abisay,' a collection that, although marginalized by the government, resonated in the hearts of those who yearned for freedom and beauty in its purest form. This series was not just art; it was a manifesto, a declaration that even in the deepest darkness, the human spirit can shine brightly.
Finally, in 2010, with my family by my side and my dreams in my heart, I crossed the waters that separated oppression from freedom. In Syracuse, New York, I found a new canvas for my life and my art. Here, in the land of liberty, my art has flourished, evolving not only into paintings but into a luxury for the soul, an experience reserved for those who understand its value and depth.
My art is not for everyone; it is for those who see beyond the surface, who feel the hidden music in each stroke, and who value the narrative of a spirit that never gave up. Each piece I create is a fragment of my story, a symphony of struggle, passion, and unbreakable beauty, destined to be appreciated by those who seek more than just an image, by those who wish to hear the music of the soul.
Thus, my story becomes art, and my art becomes a tale of value, resilience, and unbreakable beauty, a legacy that transcends borders and time, reserved for the discerning collector, for the connoisseur who understands that what I have to offer is not merely art, but a door to a transformative experience.